The Brazilian Seduction story begins in December 2016. I was doing some casual teaching at an international business school in Brisbane. Quite a number of the students were Brazilian and I developed a deep love for both their culture and the people.

One of the students had a friend in Brazil who designed and manufactured her own lingerie and swimwear line. The student brought in a small box of bras and panties to show the rest of the class. The garments were absolutely stunning … beautiful feminine designs, gorgeous soft fabrics, reasonably priced and you could feel and see the refined quality of the fabric. I purchased quite a few sets as the garments were unlike anything I had seen in Australia.

Immediately I knew I had to bring this exquisite line to Australia!

Every single piece of clothing is sourced directly from Brazil. We pride ourselves on finding the most beautiful garments in Brazil and bring them to our clients.

Our suppliers provide high quality products, coupled with beauty and above all comfort with affordable value. The lingerie is beautiful, feminine and fun without leaving the sexiness aside!

Our target market is women aged in their 20’s to 50’s who desire to feel beautiful, sexy and confident.

Collections are developed through research in the international market, always composed of noble and fine fabrics providing comfort and sophistication.

I have been wearing these products since December 2016 and the comfort, softness and quality is really impressive. No pinching, sagging or any discomfort … and still feeling fresh at the end of the day.

I love these gorgeous products … feel absolutely amazing wearing them … and you will too. I haven’t worn any other brand of underwear or lingerie since discovering these gorgeous garments.

With love from Brazil!

Suzie Crawford

Life is splendid with love, health and happiness … and beautiful lingerie!